About us

Recursive Ventures is a San Francisco based micro Seed VC fund supporting bright entrepreneurs.

We invest as early as pre-seed, typically as part of a syndicate, and support our companies in finding smart capital to scale their growth and go-to-market.

Recursive is managed by Itamar Novick. To date we have made 30+ investments and our companies have raised over $300m in follow on funding, creating over $2B in market capitalization.

Investment themes

We are generalists and invest in people first. However, we typically have focus areas. Some current investment themes include:

Services for Consumers and Small Businesses

We invest in entrepreneurs who have strong Storytelling and User Experience DNA across FinTech, Marketplaces, and Direct to consumer.

In Software for small businesses we invest based on a thesis – “the convergence of SaaS and Consumer”

Data and AI

We partner with companies leveraging data and machine learning to disrupt antiquated industries across Financial Services, Real Estate, Marketing and Advertising.

We also invest in companies building engineering and Developer tools required to handle big data and Machine Learning

Frontier Tech

We keep our eyes open for new technologies.

Recent emerging technology investment themes include IoT (Home Automation and Home Security), Senior Care, Next-gen Location Services, and Autonomous Mobility

Current Portfolio

Keep track of your essentials and turn "Lost" into "Found"

Book thousands of unique spaces from local hosts

Everything your business needs to get it done

Spinnaker delivered at Enterprise scale

The Source of Truth for POI Data & Business Listings

Hundreds of currencies. One app.

Roadside Assistance. Simplified

Transforming cities with Autonomous vehicles

Find a Workplace you love

Transforming Real Estate investment into a science

Mobile Surveys and App monetization

Unprecedented insights into Consumer foot-traffic

Fast. Automated. Scalable. Training Data

Making Roads safer and Apps better

All your marketing data. In one place

Elder care platform enabling seniors to live independently

Optimize website experiences before going live

Stay organized and get more done

Celebrate a beatiful life

Software and Data for Crypto funds and investors

Beyond smart Lighting

Compliance and payment for international contractors

Reduce stress, calm anxiety and improve sleep

Deduce is a stealth-stage Data and Cyber security company

Cashflow and financial foreacasting

Decentralized Cloud Computer marketplace

The Direct Primary care solution company

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